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Two fics- 2&5 and 9&6

Title: I'll Protect You
Rating: G
Focus: 2 and 5
Summary: 5 is afraid of every shadow, thinking that a machine has found him. 2 is worried that the group is drifting apart, leaving everyone alone. But it is possible that these two can work through their fears together.

Link to fic at my own journal

Title: Seeking Comfort
Rating: G
Focus: 9 and 6
Summary: Nine didn't want words. He just wanted comfort from a friend.

Link to fic at my own journal
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Ya'll love 9/5 music vids, right?

Hey all! I've just finished my first 9 slash mv and thought I'd post a link here. The rules didn't say anything about not posting vids, so here you go!

Pairing: 9/5
Rating: Um. G? It is slash, but it's not like anything explicit happens.
Music: Check Yes, Juliet
Artist: We The Kings

It's from 9's pov and is basically summed up as thus: he's telling 5 how he feels. Or rather, assuring 5 they can be together if they just try hard enough. Obstacles are in the way, after all.

Comments are appreciated, but you know. Enjoy it, and such. Or if there's a problem with the video, or I get the tags wrong here, you can tell me and I'll fix it. I've got a 9/5 fic on the way, and some more video ideas, if you're curious.
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No probs

First post

With a question and a secondhand ficbit.

Is anybody up RPing 9, like RIGHT NOW? I'm at work and bored to tears. Twins for 6 or a 6 for one of the Twins? Or, heck, anybody for my 6. 9 gets a special treat. >3

And now, the fic - more like a drabble. An untitled little thing originally posted on the forum, featuring the Twins. Rated PG-13, for safety.

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Crosspost from 9_movie, because we need more posts here. :3

Title: Like Ships In The Night
Pairing: 1/8
Word Count: 518
Rating: G
Warnings: Cuddly slashiness between characters that some people dislike. 
Summary: Just a fluffy ficlet inspired by this adorableness that Neofox drew per my request. It just began writing itself in my head when I saw the picture and I couldn't stop it.
By the way, this is my first time writing any kind of fic, like, evar. So of course I'm convinced that I'm horrible at it.

(over here over here!)

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Hopeless Promise

Okay, so here's a 5/2 drabble that you may or may not like. I hope its the first, but the reality is that most people who've read it

There are actually two messages in this story:
A.) 5 and 2 are a couple. (Duh.)
B.) 9 is an idiot.

Yes, 5 is a nice guy. Yes, he never shows any anger towards 9. But 9 caused the death of 2, who was 5's close friend (or boyfriend . . . >.>), so realistically, he would be at least a little upset about it. And the way I see it, 5 was just too nice to tell 9 to his face that he was being, well, an idiot.

Perhaps the fact that I have to argue my point proves that my fanfiction wasn't well done, but oh well. I hope it's still enjoyable.


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